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Masoud DaneshPour

Masoud DaneshPour

Software Engineer,Blogger
Web application specialist
Adventurous/Family member
With honor; Iranian

Life Events

I was born at last days of 1986 winter ( 13 march 1986)
Go to university @ 2006

Career history

When I was 12,I wrote my first application using QBasic.Simple "chat back" application.
That was a big step for those years.simple "if else" application.
After some days I fell in love with Codding and programming.It makes me happy and let me feel be usefull !
I'm now almost 34 years old.that means 8760 days that i'm on front of PC and codding !
I'm codding in many languages like : C#,Javascript,Go,Python,Kotlin( recently started ) and etc...


  • Sweet Label app
  • HireMe
  • eLogin
  • AppMarket
  • IWantTo
  • TaskYar
  • BurnIt


I can Help you on :


  • Software design and architecture
  • Development on .Net ecosystem (Framework 4+ and Core 1+)
  • MS SQL Database deign and maintenance
  • Windows application development
  • Android App Development


  • Team tech lead
  • Needs Assessment
  • IT Base Automation
  • Developing new ideas
  • R&D;


You can Contact me using masoud[@t]daneshpour[dot]ir at least I'll respond in less than 6 hours.

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